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Blake Rian Consulting awarded Top HR Consulting Firm in Seattle

Puget Sound Business Journal

Puget Sound Biz JournalBlake Rian Consulting – Unparalleled Hiring Services with a Human Touch

Recent reports from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics highlight that the COVID-19 outbreak and the economic downturn that followed swelled the ranks of unemployed Americans by a staggering 14 million— from 6.2 million in February to over 20.5 million May 2020. As reality is just a perception that changes based on what the onlooker seeks, such numbers could be perceived as both an opportunity and a challenge. Companies looking to hire at scale can optimistically believe that it’s going to be a seamless task considering the diverse and vast number of potential candidates. The ocean of candidates presents a challenge for recruiters as they need to invest a great deal of time and effort in posting on various job boards, reviewing applicants, and squaring in on the right candidates that are best suited for the title company and its culture. The only way organizations take advantage of this situation is if they find a partner who can do the heavy-lifting while recruiting candidates in a personalized manner. They need a people-oriented hiring service provider who can be an extension of their team as opposed to a vendor selling off-the-shelf solutions, taking a cookie cutter approach to HR initiatives.

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