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We Have MANY Professional

Services For Our Clients

Our goal at Blake Rian Consulting is to become a true business partner with our clients. We want to ensure a long-standing relationship and understand not every client has the same need. Our services include: Temporary to Hire, Direct Hire, Payroll Services and Managed Services. We learn what is important to you and fit into your business model vs asking you to fit into ours.

We firmly believe it is not about putting someone in the seat. It is about finding the right fit.

Temp to Hire

Benefits of Temp-to-Hire Employees
Flexibility and Reduces Risks

Using temp-to-hire placement allows you to ensure that your next hire is the right fit before you bring them on-board. It is a great alternative when you need the right person in the seat, but you do not have that FTE headcount approved just yet. It also gives the employee the ability to feel a part of your team and work towards building a future within your company while proving their value and skillset to you!

Saves Time and Money

Blake Rian Consulting can help you get in touch with temp-to-hire candidates and cut down on the time and cost of recruiting yourself. We take the hassle out of salary negotiations, incentives, benefits and much more. All backgrounds and necessary screening is done on our end so you don’t have worry about a thing! We are experts in finding the Right Fit for you so you can continue being an expert in your field!

Direct Hire

Benefits of Direct Hire Employees
Better Candidate Selection

When it comes to Direct Hire Placement Blake Rian Consulting attracts top performing candidates. 95% of top performers are continually employed and passively looking if they are looking at all. We have the ability to reach not only candidates that meet the criteria you are looking for, candidates at your competitors, candidates that may be looking to relocate for the right position and more.

Ability to Offer Better Perks

During the Direct Hire process Blake Rian Consulting understands negotiation is about the entire package not just a salary. We understand that a resume is the blueprint of a candidate’s experience. Our job is to understand the needs of the employers and job seekers to help bring together the perfect match in expertise, skill and company culture fit. We firmly believe it is not about putting someone in the seat. It is about finding the right fit.

Managed Services

Benefits of A Managed Service

What is a Managed Service?

A Managed Service is a contingent worker program (temporary staffing) of a client company by managing its preferred staffing projects. It consists of a team of program managers and coordinators that help the client company source and manage temporary workers.


Blake Rian Consulting partners with the client to add visibility to the contingent workforce on projects, mitigate risk associated with regulatory and internal client compliance while enhancing supply chain performance. Clients face the challenge of  managing a contingent workforce and having a clear understanding into spend across the enterprise. Our goal is to bring clarity to important metrics around spends, time to fill, quality of placements and timelines into your project.


Contingent or On Demand talent, can help you fix important voids in personnel, support company goals and initiatives and drive productivity. Blake Rian Consulting helps clients understand when they move towards a Managed Service their projects are more resourceful, efficient and productive.

Payroll Services

Benefits of Payrolling Employees

Companies often wish to engage skilled workers on an as-needed basis. These workers can be hard to find, and oftentimes a company has already worked with someone who has the competencies and skills to step in and hit the ground running on a project.

Cost Effective

Everything in business has a cost—a cost that is constantly being managed and reviewed. Bringing on a full-time employee can add up quickly especially when you are using them on a project by project basis. Benefits alone tack on an additional 18% – 20% to a base salary. Included in that percentage is federal employment taxes, social security, Medicare, state unemployment, healthcare, insurance, and 401(k) plans. Blake Rian Consulting offsets those costs for our clients, giving them the flexibility for On Demand Workers.


Blake Rian Consulting understands that projects are particularly time sensitive, and spending the time going through the internal administrative process of onboarding an employee will cost you time and money. Blake Rian Consulting will reduce the amount of lost time for you. We handle the burden of the processes, while ensuring your team meets your set project deadlines with the engaged employee.


We have featured a few verticals that we specialize in below. If you do not see the position you are looking for, please reach out and ask us! Our goal is partner with you on what you are looking for! If we can help you we will let you know. If it is something outside of our wheelhouse we would be happy to refer you to someone who can help!


Our division specializes in everything hospitality! We work with Restaurants, Wineries, Corporate Dining companies, Hotels and Resorts helping them find the right talent!


Our Marketing/Creative division understands the importance of these roles. We have experience staffing contract and permanent roles for companies.

Professional Services

Our professional services division fills all the instrumental roles to keep an HR & Operations team functioning. We have over 14 years of experience filling all roles across HR, Operations and Project Management teams.

Financial Services

Our Financial Services division focuses on anything and all things finance. Our team has over 14 years of experience filling contract and permanent positions for clients nationally.

Title & Escrow/Mortgage

Our Title & Escrow/Mortgage division solely focuses on filling open positions within the Title & Escrow/Mortgage Industry. We have a team dedicated to these roles and they work with our clients nationally.


Blake Rian’s Health Care division specializes in clinical and non-clinical roles. Our team has over 10 years of experience staffing in the Health Care field and we offer Contract and Permanent positions.


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